About Cofona

The Council of Friends of New Amsterdam (COFONA) is a collaborative initiative that networks among individuals, associations, and agencies for the overall educational and socio-economic growth and development of the town of New Amsterdam.

Vision Statement

We envision a new [town of] New Amsterdam where all residents enjoy the full range of life experiences in a safe, wholesome, living and working environment.


Mission Statement

The Council of Friends of New Amsterdam (COFONA) is a broad-based collaborative initiative that networks with individuals, associations, businesses and governmental agencies for the educational, social and economic development of New Amsterdam. It promotes policies, programs, and activities that positively impact the preservation, growth, and development of the town and its environs; and partners with residents, stakeholders and other entities to create a suitable climate for investment. It assists residents to fully utilize educational opportunities to build, strengthen and sustain the quality of life for individuals, families and the community at large; and encourages entrepreneurial spirit among residents as a means of creating meaningful and sustained employment.


The Goals of COFONA are:

  • To network with individuals, associations, businesses, and governmental agencies, both in Guyana and overseas, to promote investments in Guyana.
  • To function as a catalyst and a partner for educational, social, and economic development.
  • To promote and support fund-raising to achieve stated goals.
  • To preserve and utilize the unique, historical features of the town as a strategy for its development.
  • To assist the children, youth and adults to complete their education and achieve economic self-sufficiency through empowerment skills.
  • To encourage and promote an entrepreneurial spirit as a means for meaningful employment.
  • To encourage, strengthen and expand voluntarism and community development to enrich the lives of individuals, families, and the community.


Founding Members*

Ms. Joan Alert
Ms. Marcia Alexander
Ms. Ona Baptiste
Ms. Aisha Bender
Mr. Paul Bender
Mr. Aubrey Bender
Ms. Paula Bender
Ms. Joy Bender
Ms. Leslyn Bender
Mr. Robert Bender
Ms. Shaunelle Bender
Ms. Sharon Bender-Lewis
Mr. Robert Coddett
Mr. Joseph Collins
Mr. Hewlett Daniels
Mr. Rosamond David
Mrs. Barbara Dicenzo (Tenpow)
Mr. Karl Dickie
Ms. Loretta Edwards
Ms. Winifred Europe
Ms. Cheryl Farley
Mr. Albert Farley
Ms. Claire Floris
Mr. Arnold Fortune
Mr. Michael Fraser (Eastman)
Mr. Richard Georgeson
Mrs. Romaine Georgeson
Mrs. Ruthel Hamilton-Fung
Mr. Ivor  Hartmann
Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Howard
Ms. Denise Inniss
Ms. Joy Inniss (Austin)
Mr. Egbert Isaacs
Mr. Ewart Jack
Ms. Monique Jackson
Mr. Keith (Wycliff)    Klass
Mr. Leonard Lewis
Mr. Milton Lewis
Mr. Claude London
Mr. Keith London
Mr. Santon Lambert
Ms.Tessa McBean (Hamilton)
Mr. Shellion McCalmon
Mr. Neil McAlmont
Mr. Marlon McWatt
Mr. Marcini McWatt
Mr. Keith Mercurius
Ms. Bonita Montaque
Ms. Merle Obot
Mr. Nse Obot
Ms. Malcolm Odean
Ms. Shane Odean
Ms. Barbara Pilgrim
Ms. Dolores Polite-Younge
Mrs. June Welch Raphael
Ms. Jonnel Riley
Ms. Veronica Rollins
Mr. Denis (Nayland) Shepherd
Mr. Compton Smith
Mr. Winston Smith
Mr. Jamaal Trotman
Ms. Bonita Tenpow
Mr. Michael Tenpow
Mr. Deric Timmerman
Ms. Gertrude Welch
Ms. Winnie Wilkinson

*Founding members of COFONA INC are individuals who accepted membership before the October 31st, 2010 deadline.

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