Community Development

Cofona Collaborates with the Berbice Enhancement Group and RAPAC (Revival Awareness and Perpetuation of African Culture) on the Berbice Multi-Cultural Heritage Complex Project – Learn more

Donation to the New Amsterdam Public Library

Cofona donated some $1M in books to the National Library in New Amsterdam. The 555 books covered general education topics with emphasis on Science, Mathematics and the Languages. Read more

Supporting Education Programs in New Amsterdam

The UG Institute for Distance and Continuing Education, New Amsterdam branch received eight (8) Dell computers which were handed over to Ms. Janice John, Resident Tutor of the Institute, who was in New York to visit the City University, a Cofona initiative. She received the computers at a COFONA general meeting. That brought the total number of computers donated to the Institute to seventeen (17). Read more

COFONA Participates in NA Town Week

Cofona participated in New Amsterdam Town Week. At the Street Fair several members of COFONA NA distributed information about the purpose and objectives of the organization. This outreach helped to make COFONA’s presence in the township more evident. Read more

Honoring A Music Icon from NA

In honor of Mr. Randolph Bennett a national icon in the field of music, Cofona illustrated and worked with Mayor Claude Henry to rename Lot 39 Stanleytown to Lot 39 Stanleytown Randloph Bennett Avenue. Read more

Supporting Sustainability Programs in NA

COFONA made a donation of a commercial freezer to the All Saints Presbyterian Community Center (ASPCC) in support of the Center’s efforts to become self-sufficient by establishing and managing a canteen. Read more

Supporting the Stanleytown Community Library

COFONA demonstrated its support of the Stanleytown Community Library by contributing to the rental of the space which the library operate as its computer learning center. Read more

Helping to Improve Efficiency at the NA Town Council

COFONA Inc. donated several computer systems to the New Amsterdam Town Council. Ms. Marva Gordon, spearheaded the computer upgrading project and provided the necessary training to the New Amsterdam town council staff members.
One of the first projects identified for assistance focused on improving garbage collection and the management of solid waste in the town. To help alleviate the problem COFONA donated tools, supplies and implements to assist with solid waste management. Read more

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