Please post only those pictures and documents that you own and that you have permission to distribute. Whenever possible, please share as much background information as you can – the name of the photographer or author, the date of creation, the context of the piece, and any known copyright restrictions. Understand that once a document has been shared on the Internet, it can be difficult to prevent anyone from viewing, accessing, or using it, now or in the future.

Do not post any material subject to copyright. Do not post any confidential or sensitive material. If you’re not sure whether something is appropriate, don’t post it!

By sharing material with COFONA you give the organization and its users, and their sub-licensees permission to re-use and distribute that material for educational, non-commercial purposes.
If you believe that your copyright had been infringed upon, please contact us. We will act promptly to resolve the situation.

Your Privacy
COFONA will never share your email address, name, or other information with any other organization or individual without your explicit consent.

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