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We welcome your sincere interest in New Amsterdam, the place we called home. And while many have settled comfortably in adopted lands far and wide, others still value those experiences of yesteryears; experiences which shaped our values, molded our character, and inspired our dreams! We were imbued with hopes we cherished and dreams we pursued. Now, into this fold of those who care about that which we cherish, welcome! Welcome to a family of believers in a town called New Amsterdam!

We must not forget the dedicated service of those forerunners who, over the years, paved the way for the next generation of immigrants; while making sacrificial contributions towards their homeland now far away but close to their hearts! Indeed, over time, had it not been for the steady stream of thoughtful goodwill the land would have been more barren, the people less preserved, and their life more hopeless! Hence, these sacrifices must be recognized and these gestures more valued; and in the end, they should lead to instilled values, renewed hope, and restored trust.

You could demonstrate your interest by supporting the endeavors of all New Amsterdam associations, by becoming active members, by volunteering your time, by making contributions to worthy causes and programs that benefit the residents of New Amsterdam. And you could demonstrate your concern by pledging to grow and build an organization upon which sustained efforts could be pursued.

Not only could you participate in planned events, but also invite other relatives and friends to join your efforts. Numbers are important and do count in various ways. So participate at every opportunity that affords itself, for this will help to support the entire organization. Not only could you make monetary contributions to the various programs offered by COFONA, but you are encouraged to establish a scholarship or grant an award in the name of a person or cause.

Members benefit by having full access to all documents, reports, and financial statements of the Association. Every effort will be made to ensure transparency in the functions of the Association. As such, all reports and financial statements will be made available to members in a secure area of the Association’s website. You may add your name to the database of professionals or individuals with specific expertise.  Such individuals may be selected for projects on an as needed basis.

Membership is open to persons and parties interested in supporting and contributing to the development of the town of New Amsterdam. Membership fee for individuals is $40 annually. A membership account can be taken out at any time during the year but must be renewed during the first quarter of each calendar year. Multi-year membership options are also available, which is even more cost-effective.

Your participation and support are valued. Please feel free to ask questions to clarify issues that are still unclear. We are here to help because your support means much to us!

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