Your Support is making a difference

Over the last five years, members, friends and supporters of the Council of Friends of New Amsterdam have provided continuous support for the COFONA Band Corps, especially for instruments and uniform, in addition to other programs and projects. The musical instruments donated, or purchased for the Band Corps are now well over 75, plus replacement parts.  While the initial set of instruments were donated from former band members of the now defunct Berbice Junior Band, and the first set of uniforms donated by GUYDA, it was the sudden increase in band membership within the last year, from 32 to 83, that created a significant demand for band instruments and uniform. This year our   supporters answered the call and have donated a total of $12,000 (in cash or kind) in support of the band corps. A GOFUNDME account to solicit funds online was opened during the latter part of spring 2016, which has so far raised a total of $720 and continues to receive donations. Efforts are continually being employed to encourage donations and to raise funds for musical instruments for the band.

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