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At the inaugural meeting of the New Amsterdam Town Councillors, Kirt Anthony Solomon Wynter, was elected as the Mayor, after being nominated by APNU+AFC Councillors Mr. William Moore and seconded by Pollyann Shultz.
A second nominee Ms. Winifred Haywood was nominated by another coalition member, Angelique Springer for the post of Chief Citizen; however the former educator quickly jumped to her feet to decline the position.
Thereafter, she was nominated and seconded by the Mayor Elect and APNU+AFC Councillor Busta Wright for the post of Deputy Mayor, a position which she accepted.
Wynter, a newspaper agent, is a ‘fresh face’, as it relates to the local government arena; however he will be ably supported by veteran politician Haywood, who served the Municipal council previously in varying capacities.
Meanwhile, Councillor Wright, who is a mathematician by profession, will be holding the purse strings of the council, having being selected as Chairman of the Finance Committee. The Deputy Mayor was elected as the Vice Chairman.
Other members of the Finance Committee are: Businesswoman Pollyann Shultz, Ms Patricia Lynch, Mr William Moore, Mr Compton Grant and Mr. Eusi Smith.
Twelve APNU+AFC Councillors, along with two People’s Progressive Party Councillors took the oath of office before Town Clerk, Sharon Alexander and in the presence of Deputy Regional Executive Officer, Claude Henry and Minister of Social Protection, Volda Lawrence.
The New Amsterdam Council now consist of Mayor elect Kirt Wynter, Deputy Mayor elect Winifred Haywood, fellow APNU+AFC Councillors Kirt Fraser, Compton Grant, Sheenta Lambert, Pollyann Shultz, Angelique Springer, Busta Wright, George Tucker, Eusi Smith, William Moore and Patricia Lynch. The PPP Councillors are Sewdat Singh and Elijah Timmers.
The first statutory meeting is scheduled for April 25.


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