Support for the NA Prison Literacy Program

The prison administration and the literacy instructor were in high praise of the resourcefulness and efforts made by COFONA to aid in assisting both the male and female prison system in New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam houses the only female correction facility in Guyana. Three fully stocked barrels of books and educational materials were handed over to the administration and literacy instructor to support the literacy and numeracy program at the institution. The donations were in response to a direct request from Ms. Dorothy Lewis, the Literacy instructor, who had approached the organization for assistance in supplying much needed educational materials. During the hand over, COFONA’s representatives emphasized that in addition to the three (3) barrels of educational materials being handed over a recommended plan for how the educational resources could be incorporated into an instructional/learning program was also included. COFONA’s intention is to lend continuous support to this program in order to maximize the effectiveness of the efforts made by Ms. Dorothy Lewis. The educational materials were donated from a variety of sources including Ms. Ruthel Fung and Dr. Cheryl Baker, among others. Dr. Nadjwa Norton – a literacy professional from the City College of New York helped to design the educational program incorporating the materials.


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